A glimpse behind the pixels to see what an episode looks like in the animatic stage!

I made the 1×04 Animatic for Flagon in a bit of a rush. I had fallen behind with the recording and needed to get a locked animatic to my animator before they could move forward with the episode; I had intended to give them as long as possible. What that meant was drawing out each of the thumbnails on notepad paper in a hurry and then scanning them into the computer.

Yes, they are very VERY VERY rough. I know that. Somehow StevRayBro and Caitlin were able to turn that into something quite amazing. Kudos to their immense and jealousy-inducing talent!

So check it out: BEHIND THE PIXELS: 1×04 ANIMATIC.

No, really, I get it. This is pretty awful storyboarding.

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